Monday, 19th April 2021

We're second-class citizens in Europe, complain people who voted to be

BRITISH expatriates who voted for Brexit are upset to be treated differently to EU citizens, as they explicitly demanded to be. 

Britons across Europe who only wanted to deny immigrants healthcare, benefits, bank accounts and jobs are horrified to find they are being denied healthcare, benefits, bank accounts and jobs as if they were no better than immigrants.

Roy Hobbs, who has lived in Alicante since 2014, said: “I voted for Brexit and demanded it bloody hard because foreigners acting like they own Britain needed to be taught a lesson. Why that’s affecting me over here I can’t imagine.

“We’ve applied for residency, but there’s a huge backlog and we’re in legal limbo until they’re processed. That would never happen with the Home Office.

“Apparently it’s because we didn’t get a deal until the very last minute. Well whose fault is that? The EU could have given in to all our demands back in 2017 if they hadn’t been so selfish.

“Now I find myself, a proud British man from a country that has regained its sovereignity, treated like an illegal alien just because I live abroad and haven’t got the necessary paperwork.”

He added: “Blame Boris? Never. I could no sooner blame him than I could blame myself.”