Tuesday, 26th January 2021

Big Asda named top holiday destination of 2021

BIG Asdas have topped this year’s list of top holiday destinations because of their spacious car parks, friendly locals, and huge range of things that shut kids up. 

Families unable to go abroad and priced out of staycations have instead been holidaying in the low-cost supermarket giant and telling their children it is a theme park.

Mum-of-three Eleanor Shaw said: “It’s been a complete bloody godsend. We’re a Waitrose family so this is like a foreign country to the kids.

“We barely have to leave the M5 for it, there’s two floors and 80 aisles to explore, and the George section is a day out in itself.

“Most days we left the little ones in Kids’ Club, which is what we call the Tupperware aisle, to play while we relax by the clothing bank in the car park with a box of wine. Very reasonably priced, but then this is a third world country.

“Going up and down the travelators is the equivalent of a water park, there’s endless cheap plastic tat to play with and they get as much Capri-Sun as they can drink. It’s paradise.”

Husband Chris Shaw said: “Our games of hide-and-seek last all day, especially when I’m hiding. God, I could play that game forever. I hope we never have to leave.”