Wednesday, 12th August 2020

Couple move house to be in catchment area of 'outstanding' Waitrose

A COUPLE have relocated to a smaller house to be in the catchment area of an outstanding Waitrose, they have confirmed. 

Tom and Elise Logan of Aylesbury admit it has been a wrench to leave the house and area they had lived in for 12 years, but say they made the selfless decision for their future.

Elise said: “It’s got the same number of bedrooms as our old place but a much smaller garden and we’re a bathroom down. Still, you have to make sacrifices and no regrets.

“It’s all worth it when we walk out of our front door – it’s walking distance – and see the sheer calibre of grocery shopping we’ve secured for ourselves. It’s not a high street Little Waitrose. It’s a big Waitrose.

“The quality of the other shops and shoppers we mix with has really leaped ahead as well, and that’s important for our long-term development. The contacts you make in these places last you a lifetime.

“Friends say we’re mad to leave the house we loved for somewhere that cost 100k more that’s smaller, but we’ve never been materialistic people.”

She added: “There’s an Aldi as well that we say we use for basics. You have to say that. But we don’t.”