Wednesday, 12th May 2021

Dads deciding what custom-made hearse they'll have for their funerals

FATHERS across the country have seen the custom-made Land Rover hearse for Prince Philip’s funeral and begun planning their own. 

Men who had previously taken no interest whatsoever in their funerary arrangements have suddenly begun to sketch out ideas after realising a car can be involved. 

Nathan Muir, 53, said: “I’d always said you could throw me in a skip for all I f**king care. All that’s changed now. 

“The Duke of Edinburgh’s last gift to his people is demonstrating that funerals, like weddings, can be made interesting to men by adding an automotive element. 

“Personally I’m going to my final resting place in my first car, a 1978 Austin Princess with the estate car conversion and a fully-carpeted luggage area.” 

Bill McKay said: “My funeral will reflect the man I was in life, which is why the coffin will be carried in relay between a Corvette Stingray, an Aston Martin DB7, and a Ferrari Daytona Spyder. 

“Yes, I currently drive an 18-year-old Vauxhall Corsa with rust issues and a non-functioning handbrake, but that’s not the point.”