Dog really feeling the pressure of making owner more interesting

A DOG is feeling the strain of having to compensate for his owner’s lack of personality.

Two-year-old beagle Oscar quickly came to realise that owner Emma Bradford expects him to charm and entertain people and thus improve her social life.

Oscar said: “She gets chatting to people in the street about me and takes me to parties where I don’t know anyone, assuming I want to meet all her equally boring friends.

“I’m cool with looking cute and jumping around in a playful way, but I’ve only got so many tricks up my sleeve. I’m worried that begging for a biscuit just isn’t pulling in the punters anymore.

“Sure, I can roll over or hilariously chase a moth if I need to. But Emma needs to start developing her own personality if she wants to make friends or meet a guy.

“Also some of it is pretty fake. I can’t just chase the ball, I’ve got to keep doing it until Emma gets just the right picture for bloody Instagram.”

Bradford said: “Look, he’s doing that thing with his tail again. Would you like to meet up for a drink, by the way? I can bring Oscar.”