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Clock ticking on when shiny new laptop will be used to look at absolute filth

IT is only a matter of hours until a man’s gleaming new laptop will be used to view the most degrading pornography imaginable, he has admitted. 

Tom Booker’s 15-inch MacBook Air, which cost £1,270, has been out of the box for two whole days without being introduced to the URL of PornHub, but his friends and family fear that innocence will soon be shattered.

Friend Wayne Hayes said: “Tom’s distracting himself for now by playing with the spatial audio array and touch ID, but those features can only satisfy him for so long.

“That baby’s got a liquid retina display. It’s wasted on columns of text. The fine HD entertainment distributed by Bang Bros would look almost real on that screen, as he’ll discover before the day’s out.”

Wife Donna said: “I feel sorry for that laptop. It thinks it belongs to a respectable man who would never piss away an entire afternoon watching videos of milfs entertaining visiting tradesmen three at a time. It’ll soon find out how wrong it was.

“The second I pop to the shops he’ll be putting the incognito browser through its paces and seeing how many tabs of debauched videos it can play at once. Thanks to the Apple M2 chip, the answer is shitloads. So enjoy your shiny chrome finish while it lasts.”

Tom said: “It’s lasted better than the iPad. That little slut was showing me bukkake on the very first afternoon.”