Friday, 4th December 2020

‘Fun run’ pretty f**king light on fun

A LOCAL fun run has been slammed for being mainly just running

The Tiverton ‘Road to River’ run was advertised as a carnival of fitness, fun and festivity, but entrants were dismayed to find that it was mainly just exercise.

Tom Logan said: “I signed up thinking there would at least be a beer every mile or a waterslide or the chance to win a full body massage.

“When I got there we all just had to run from one place to another. There were a few people cheering on the way round, but that just made it worse.

“ I won’t be getting involved again. On the bright side, I raised £530 for Cancer Research and they can still have half.”

Organisers have defended the event, saying that there are hardly any words that rhyme with run and that everyone should have known better anyway.