Man decides 10-pin bowling is ‘just a laugh’ after discovering he’s shit at it

A MAN going 10-pin bowling suddenly began larking around after his first two bowls were hopelessly inaccurate, friends noticed.

Wayne Hayes began the evening with the seriousness of a bomb disposal expert but decided he would be treating it humorously when his first two attempts ended up in the gutter.

Friend Nikki Hollis said: “On the way Wayne implied he was good at bowling, although he did keep getting confused and calling a strike a ‘smash’.

“However, when it became clear he’s got the coordination of a drunken toddler in an earthquake he said bowling was something no one takes seriously.

“At that point he started dicking around by taking a ridiculously long run-up or rolling the ball really slowly down the lane, then pretending to celebrate when he’d missed again.

“He also did impressions from The Big Lebowski, which made the whole experience far more painful than him just being rubbish at it.”

Hayes said: “I’m actually really good at bowling but I didn’t want to show the others up. Dude.

“It’s a shit game anyway.”