Man tries to convince everyone his homemade bread was worth the hassle

A MAN is desperately trying to convince everyone the bread he made from scratch is far nicer than a farmhouse loaf from a shop.

Tom Logan, who spent five hours and used every utensil in the kitchen making the ‘artisan bloomer’ insists it was well worth it.

Logan said: “You can’t beat a slice of homemade bread straight from the oven. Well, when I say straight from the oven, it took 20 minutes to slice it, then it kind of fell apart and I had to stick it back together with some butter but the end result was truly delicious.

“There is something really special about watching your loved ones enjoy something you have created with your own two hands, even thought they did seem to be muttering something.”

Tom’s wife Emma said: “This is the most wonderful, amazing bread I have ever tasted. I think Tom should quit his IT job and make bread instead.

“We’d be millionaires.”