Wednesday, 12th August 2020

Middle class family on day trip to estate agent's window

A MIDDLE  class family has decided to treat itself by going on a day trip to an estate agent’s window.

The Muir family are combining their two interests of going on an educational holiday and looking at potential properties.

Sarah Muir said: “We thought we’d exhausted all the fascinating day trip locations, like the National Slate Museum and the Emma Bridgewater factory seconds giftshop.

“But then we realised that an estate agent’s window is packed with just as much educational value as a National Trust property. Also my membership card has expired.

“Once we’ve finished cooing over the array of reasonably priced detached properties in the window and eaten our organic packed lunches in the doorway, we might head inside and arrange a viewing for fun.

“They’ll probably ask us all sorts of strange questions like ‘how much do you earn’ and ‘do you have a guarantor’. It’ll be like living in the Middle Ages or Plymouth.”