Middle class students excited to ‘do weed’ for first time

A GROUP of middle class students are terribly excited to ‘do’ some weed, it has been confirmed.

Megan Cartwright, 19, said: “I’ve only seen it being done on edgy teen shows like Skins. Also, I have friend who has been to Bristol.

“It’s all just unbearably exciting. We’ve been in talks on how to best take the weed. Jennifer suggested ‘space brownies’ but I decided it’s probably better to suck it straight out of the spliffer.

“I just hope I don’t have a ‘whitey’ or go completely insane and have to spend the rest of my life in an institution.”

Megan’s flatmate, Jennifer Harrison, said: “Megan’s been off the rails this term. She’s been talking about setting up a ‘Breaking Bad’ in our halls. I don’t think she understands that that’s not what it’s called.”

Harrison added: “I’ve sent one of the tougher members of the group to go and do the ‘pick-it-up’.

“If they don’t make it back it will be very sad, but also really good material for one of my short stories.”