Mummy blogger struggling to drink wine and swear at her kids every day

A MUMMY blogger has revealed she is struggling to live up to the unrealistic stereotype of swilling wine and screaming at her kids every day.

Helen Archer, who writes a blog named ‘The Gin-cess and the Tea’, has published a candid post admitting to her failings as a sarcastic, foul-mouthed, slovenly bitch.

Archer writes: “All people see is the self-deprecating posts and the contrived swearing at my two children. Their names are not even ‘Shithead and the Demon Girl’, they are Matthew and Sarah.

“My husband isn’t really a ‘stupid piece of shit’. He is a good man, who does his best for us. Yesterday he worked 14 hours. When he came home he poured me a glass of wine, but to be honest, I don’t really drink that much.

“Sometimes I just want to let go and tell my children that I love them. Sometimes, all I want is a glass of water and an apple.”