Saturday, 30th May 2020

Mum's blood runs cold as she remembers the school run

THE thought of driving her children to school again is terrifying a woman more than the coronavirus.

Mum-of-two Carolyn Ryan had to lie down in a darkened room as she remembered the ordeal of herding her kids into her Skoda Scala and weaving through rush hour traffic five times a week.

Ryan said: “It’s not just the driving that terrifies me. You’ve got to wake the little buggers up, wrestle them into their uniforms, then shove cereal into their mouths. Giving medicine to a cat is easier.

“Getting the pair of them into the car on time is practically impossible too. I’m thinking of hurling the Nintendo Switch onto the back seat to see if they race after it like dogs fetching a stick.

“They’re not going to learn anything over the next few weeks anyway. If we can just ride this out until the summer holidays there’s a chance I won’t have to think about the school run again until October.”

When she realised this would involve her kids staying at home all day every day for the next four months, Ryan pulled her duvet over her head and reached for one of many bottles of wine hidden around her house.