Plans great until you have to actually f**king do them

MAKING plans with friends is excellent until you have to leave the house and do the sodding thing, it has emerged.

Britons have confirmed that while organising things from the comfort of your sofa is brilliant, actually having to do them is shit.

Office worker Nathan Muir said: “A month ago a group of us arranged to go to for a nice meal and grab a few drinks afterwards. I can’t believe we were so stupid.

“Now the night has actually arrived I really can’t be arsed. I’m praying someone cancels so I can just sit and watch Netflix in my pants.

“Is it wrong to hope one of my friends has a non-fatal accident?

“It’s like when we decided it would be a laugh to go camping. Two months before I was looking forward to it but on the day I was seriously considering breaking one of my fingers.”

Professor Henry Brubaker of the Institute of Studies said: “Research shows humans are good at imagining things like a pleasant country walk, but subsequently are reluctant to leave their ‘comfort zone’.

“Another theory is they’re just lazy bastards.”