Tuesday, 7th July 2020

Shattered new parents find energy to post entire birth album

A COUPLE who are absolutely shattered after having their first child nonetheless found time and energy to post a 188-photo birth album online. 

Francesca and Jamie Johnson battled through exhaustion to invite all their friends to view the album, which includes not just baby photos but shots of the couple in the birth pool and an arty over-the-shoulder shot capturing both of their best sides in a mirror.

Francesca said: “Nothing really prepares you for having a baby. All your preconceptions are blown away. And hopefully we’ve captured that in shots 162 to 185, which really deserve more likes.

“Our doula – she calls herself a midwife, it’s cute – was great at all the breathing stuff and all that but also really knew how to frame a shot. Which was important to us.

“She captured the moments, and the interiors, perfectly. So we’re getting complimented on the baby but also on our peacock-print feature wall. I’m so proud of them both.”

Husband Jamie said: “It’s been such an unbelievably busy time. I’ve barely even changed a nappy yet, because I’ve spent the last few days knee-deep in Photoshop.”