Saturday, 4th April 2020

Weirdo parks car in garage

A SICK freak has provoked widespread disgust after parking his car in his garage. 

Norman Steele, aged 55, has outraged his whole neighbourhood after driving his car up to face his garage but, instead of parking it there, he opened his garage door and drove into it in violation of all societal norms.

Eyewitness Susan Traherne said: “Garages aren’t supposed to have cars in. That’s where you store your old freezer and all the broken stuff you haven’t quite got the energy to take to the tip.

“Not his. It was clean, empty apart from a few things on shelves – car-related things, even more bizarrely – and once he’d parked up he closed the door. Like the rest of us can’t be trusted with his precious car.

“I caught the whole thing on my phone and posted it to YouTube, where it’s ranking with that woman who put the cat in the bin as one of the strangest and most fury-provoking clips on the internet.

“Sure he’s a bit old, so he might get confused and do odd stuff with garages. But if he’s doing that, what else is he doing?”