Monday, 6th July 2020

Woman builds second home out of Amazon packaging

A WOMAN has ordered so much stuff from Amazon she has been able to build a second home out of all the packaging.

Emma Bradford has made herself a stunning three-bed house out of 62 boxes, 15 kilograms of brown paper and 23 padded envelopes. 

She said: “Since lockdown I have needed so much essential stuff – retro coasters, juicers, a hot tub, so I was getting deliveries every day.

“I was initially annoyed that they’d send me a single potato peeler in a three-foot box but now I could not be happier about the excess packaging.

“I’ve just ordered five books and a set of mason jars so I can build a garage.

“It’s everything you could want in second home. It’s cosy, peaceful and my children are not in it. It’s more of a luxury fort, really.  

“Ideally, I’d like a better location than the bottom of my garden so I’m thinking of taking it to Durham because I think that’s allowed.

“I might just stay here for the rest of lockdown. Or at least until it rains.”