Monday, 10th May 2021

Woman going to pub chooses perfect outfit to hide under big coat

A WOMAN visiting the pub has spent hours choosing just the right outfit for the evening, and has then covered it with a puffa coat. 

Emma Bradford spent ages picking the perfect top and jeans for her re-entry to socialising, a combination visible for up to six minutes before she zipped her coat all the way to the top.

She said: “It was nice to do my hair and put my glad rags on, even if I did then stick a woolly hat and coat on over them. Then of course, I was mostly wearing a mask over my beautifully made-up face.

“I even spent £25 quid on some new nails only to hide them under fur mittens, and I had my suede boots on but you couldn’t really see them under the blanket.

“Still, I got a few nice photos to post on Instagram before I went out and that’s the main thing. Though it does undermine the whole point of going out slightly.”

She added: “I’m going blanket shopping at the weekend to get myself some fancy ones. I think that’s what I’ll mainly be wearing this season.”