Woman who knows she has no money still shocked when card is declined

A WOMAN who was aware her bank account was empty was still somehow shocked when her card was rejected.

Nikki Hollis, who ran out of funds three days before payday, still crossed her fingers for luck and whispered “come on, go through” when attempting to pay for drinks at the pub.

Office worker Hollis said: “I was sure that somewhere between the walk from the cashpoint, which told me I was £7 overdrawn, and the pub, that my financial circumstances would have changed.

“Who’s to say in those 15 minutes I didn’t get paid early, or get an unexpected rebate or gift?

“Until I tried to buy a round there was no way of knowing that hadn’t happened. It was Schrodinger’s bank account.

“Obviously I wasn’t expecting my card to actually get declined, or I wouldn’t have let them pour all the drinks so my mate Laura had to pay for them to stop us getting kicked out.

“God, how embarrassing. I think I’ll go shopping to cheer myself up.”