Woman who says there are ‘two sides to every story’ always on wrong side

A WOMAN who likes to highlight the blinkered nature of people’s opinions always supports the worst point of view, it has emerged.

Contrarian Joanna Kramer has defended tax evaders, flat earthers and Dominic Cummings, all with the moronic observation that there are multiple ways of looking at things.

Friend Nikki Hollis said: “At first I thought she was just playing devil’s advocate. There’s no way anyone could seriously think Prince Andrew did nothing wrong or the Capitol rioters weren’t nutjobs.

“But when she said we ‘shouldn’t judge anyone until we’ve walked a mile in their shoes’ I realised she was deadly serious. Judging by her self-satisfied tone she clearly thought this was profound and not just some crap from a motivational meme.

“She’s also very conservative. I wouldn’t like to say she’s got an agenda, but when you’re arguing that Priti Patel is a strong woman in a man’s world, I think there might be.

“I might start arguing in favour of ridiculous things to see how far gone she is. I think I’ll start with endangered species deserving to die out because they’re too lazy to evolve more like humans.

“If she still disagrees with me then at least she’ll be talking sense for once.”