Sunday, 27th September 2020

Woman whose home looks stylish in video calls lying to herself and world

A WOMAN who made a corner of her flat appear minimalist and sleek for the purpose of video calls is starting to believe her own lies. 

Office worker Hannah Tomlinson has carefully curated a corner of her living room to hoodwink people into thinking she does not live in a constant state of chaos and filth. 

Tomlinson, whose flat normally looks as if it is home to 16 toddlers whose parents are having breakdowns, said: “I’m quite simple and Danish in my design tastes, as people can see during Zoom meetings.

“I’ve always enjoyed hanging trendy prints, artfully flinging throws over the backs of chairs and keeping shelves clutter-free apart from the odd succulent. But strangely I’ve only ever got round to doing it in this corner.

“Maybe I can become the kind of woman this corner suggests I am. Maybe we’re all just one work video call away from not being a slattern with pizza boxes and socks everywhere?”

Colleague Nikki Hollis said: “Hannah’s flat looks amazing on calls, without washing drying anywhere or loads of used wine glasses. I now know I can no longer trust her.” 

Tomlinson added: “I’m hoping I won’t have any problems with my router. If I had to relocate to another place in my flat my only option would be to say that I’ve died.”