Woman's 'hot girl summer' mainly consisting of crisps

A YOUNG woman has chosen eating crisps as the main way she will be enjoying this year’s supposed ‘hot girl summer’.

Nikki Hollis, 27, has decided to ignore articles and social media posts advising her to buy expensive beauty products, floaty summer dresses and buckets of Aperol Spritz in favour of splashing out on sharing bags of Walkers.

Hollis said: “I hear the phrase ‘hot girl summer’ constantly, but no one seems to know what it actually means. It crops up a lot in women’a magazines alongside features about this season’s hottest open-toed sandals which makes me suspicious that it’s just capitalist bullshit for idiots, like all other so-called ‘trends’.

“So, instead of getting involved in that, I’m going to spend the summer eating crisps in front of the telly. The only sun I’ll be seeing this year is the one beating down on the contestants of Love Island, while I inhale bags of Monster Munch.

“Am I limiting myself when all my friends will be out living their best lives? Maybe. But Megan Thee Stallion, who invented the phrase, says that being a ‘hot girl’ is about being unapologetically you.

“Which for me is not being ashamed about stuffing down half a kilo of Dorito’s Chilli Heatwave, and then licking the bags afterwards.”

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Five disgusting uses for household items your partner doesn't know about

ARE you a vile slob in the privacy of your own home? The answer is ‘yes’. Here are some horrible little habits that, if discovered by your other half, would make them go ballistic.

Trimming your pubes with the scissors

Is your lady bush or man hedge in desperate need of some ‘downstairs topiary’? Pop to the kitchen and get the only sharp scissors in the house. Yes, last night you were cutting chicken with them for the tikka masala, but they’re nothing if not versatile. You can always run them under the hot tap for 10 seconds to ‘disinfect’ them, if you don’t forget. You’re not a monster.

Wiping your bogies on the sofa

Life is too short to go and get a tissue every time you need to jettison some snot. Which makes secretly poking your bogies down the side of the sofa the only option. Yes, your three-seater from DFS has taken on a slightly green hue on the ‘crusty’ side where you sit. But your partner is too busy watching Better Call Saul to notice, or they’re doing it themselves.

Killing flies with a tea towel

If a fly dares to cross the threshold into your home, its days are numbered. You grab the nearest item you can – always a tea towel – and flail wildly until you finally splat it. There’s probably some squished fly juice and guts on it, but they’re only small so simply put the fly-goo-infused tea towel back on the rack. Luckily, it’s not your turn to do the washing up. Somehow it would be disgusting then.

The toothbrush toilet clean

A toothbrush is perfect to clean those hard-to-reach places. Like down the bog. All you have to do is remember which brush you used – the green one. The toothbrushes belonging to you and your partner are the red and blue ones. Or was it the blue and the green? Which was the turd scrubber again? Bollocks. Still, it can’t be the purple one because you brush the dog’s teeth with that.

The bathroom sink bidet

We’ve all been there. Mid-poo you’re looking up for some loo roll and notice there’s not a scrap left. Rather than go through the embarrassment of asking your significant other, it’s easiest to hover over the bathroom sink and give your arse a good wash. Yes, your partner would be disgusted and angry if they found out. But not as angry as if they knew you also dried your bum on the hand towel. Then just hung it back up.