Sunday, 1st November 2020

Women commit to rewilding 75 per cent of their leg hair

THE women of the UK have pledged to restore the natural ecosystem of their legs this winter.

Following months of devastating hair removal from the mid-thigh down, women have announced plans to undergo a full leg ‘rewilding’, in the hope of returning to a more sustainable way of life.

Lucy Parry, a member of a leg hair advocacy group, said: “Letting my leg hair grow freely without human intervention will keep me warmer, which will allow me to save energy and reduce household bills.

“I will also be releasing less carbon since I won’t be huffing and puffing while trying to balance as I shave round my ankles and toes in the shower.”

“We have to accept as a species that we have made some choices that are not sustainable, and the constant, tedious and eye-wateringly painful removal of leg hair is one of them.”

She added: “For this to work, all women have to make the commitment, or I’m going to look like a right old woolly mammoth on the beach next summer.”