Monday, 17th May 2021

'You don't take this shit seriously, do you?' says style supplement editor

A SUNDAY paper style supplement editor admits she is just having a laugh and never expected anyone to go and buy mahogany sandals or a purple crushed velvet sofa. 

Charlotte Phelps, who works for The Sunday Times, says she and her team dare each other to make up the most outlandish crap for a giggle, and are surprised no one has caught on.

Phelps said: “I thought it would be obvious that I was taking the piss. The other month I did a bullshit feature saying fluorescent orange PVC boots with beige suede fringing are perfect for walking the dog in the nearest muddy field.

“I was sure they would call me in for a talking-to about the ‘real world’ and how most readers like attractive, normal things, but instead they promoted me to senior editor.

“So next week’s issue has an ‘avant-garde thought leader’, which is basically some bonkers woman with a trust fund who’s made all her interior furniture out of felt dipped in resin.

“And the style pages feature tan-coloured high heels fashioned entirely out of Bakelite, retailing at £1200 a pair. Bloody hilarious.”