Young London couple build dream home out of avocado

A COUPLE have finally acquired their dream home by hollowing out an avocado and living inside it.

Eleanor Shaw and Tom Logan had despaired of getting on the property ladder in London, and found themselves contemplating either suicide or moving to Kent.

But the twenty-something pair realised that they could combine their dream of owning property with their ironclad commitment to brunch by simply turning avocados into a cosy, eco-friendly living space.

Shaw, a freelance designer, said: “Tom had this brilliant idea, which he unfortunately insists on calling a life hack, that the skin of an avocado is durable and waterproof, and relatively spacious, for London.”

Logan, a PR executive, said: “There’s not much room for furniture, but we can’t afford it anyway, because my travelcard costs £220 a month and Ellie is usually paid in ‘exposure.’

“We’re thinking of trying for a baby, but we’d probably have to get a second avocado.

“The important thing is, we’re not in Kent.”