Medieval History Books To Include Morgan Freeman

THE early history of Britain is 'horribly white' and should be rewritten to include the black and Asian people who weren't there, the country’s equality chief said last night. 

Trevor Phillips said he had read a number of key texts on the Middle Ages and not one had mentioned the major part played by Morgan Freeman in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves.

He said the only dark skinned character to feature regularly in works on the medieval period was the Black Death, which he described as a “typically negative stereotype” of people of colour.

Mr Phillips said: “Read the Venerable Bede’s Ecclesiastical History of the English People and you could be forgiven for thinking that 8th century Britain was almost entirely free of people of Afro-Caribbean or Asian origin. It’s a disgrace."

Mr Phillips is calling for the introduction of a quota system into British history writing to ensure that at least 10 per cent of major historical figures are black or Asian, including monarchs.

He wants Henry V, Elizabeth I, and the current Queen to all be black but not John, Richard III, Oliver Cromwell, or Ethelred the Unready.

He said: “How can any of our young black and Asian youth in the inner cities ever aspire to work hard at school with a view to becoming a King of England if they are constantly told by history that this is job is for whites only?”

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I Tried To Stop Iraq War But Blair Overpowered Me, Claims Miliband

FOREIGN secretary David Miliband has revealed how he jumped on top of Tony Blair in a desperate bid to stop the invasion of Iraq.

Miliband said he and a group of senior ministers, including Alan Johnson, Hilary Benn and Peter Hain, tackled the former Prime Minister as he tried to push the huge Invasion Button on the wall of his Number 10 study.

The foreign secretary told the Labour conference in Bournemouth: "I stood in his way and said, 'no Prime Minister, you are not going to push the big button'.

"He looked at me with mixture of hatred and affection and said, 'David, we've been through a hell of a lot, you're like the fourth son I never had, but don't make the mistake of thinking I won't kill you'."

He then described how Benn and Johnson grabbed Blair's arms while Peter Hain hit him on the head with a stapler.

Miliband, trembling with fear, then kicked the former Prime Minister in the testicles.

He added: "Blair went down like a sack of spuds and we all piled in on top of him. Peter dug his elbow into the Prime Minister's spine, and Hilary bit him on the nose – but my God he was strong."

Despite being covered in Hilary's Benn's teethmarks, Blair managed to struggle free before dragging himself towards the huge invasion button with Johnson still clinging to his left leg.

"I yelled out, 'Tony, Nooooooo!' But it was too late. He pushed the button and then he turned and winked at me. We all went back to our offices and I ordered a sandwich."

Miliband told the conference that Number 10 was now fitted with two huge invasion buttons 12 feet apart that have to be pushed simultaneously.