Sunday, 9th August 2020

Boyfriend talking over programme like he's more interesting than television

A WOMAN’S partner keeps starting conversations in front of the television believing he is more appealing than what she has chosen to watch.

Charlotte Phelps is struggling to understand how her boyfriend of three years thinks his chat can compete with the vast array of streaming platform content available to her.

Phelps said: “When I’m crying my way through a transformative journey on Queer Eye, I don’t have time to pretend I give a shit while he bitches about how annoying his colleagues are.

“I’ve had to stay up late to rewatch whole seasons of Homeland because he talked over key moments, and he ruined Normal People for me by banging on about all the traumatic family stuff he experienced growing up.

“No amount of one-to-one interaction will ever rival all those lovely little pixels moving about, especially not with a man whose conversation always includes a detailed description of his latest bowel movement.”