Friday, 4th December 2020

Couple agree to ruin their weekend by visiting parents

A COUPLE have agreed to write off Saturday and Sunday by grudgingly deciding to spend them with one set of their ageing parents.

Nathan and Eleanor Muir reluctantly agreed they should spend some time with the old people who spawned them if they didn’t want to be cut out of the wills.

Nathan Muir said: “We had a big row about which massively inconvenient five-hour round trip to make, which Donna won as her parents live closer to a pub.

“So now we’re braced for 48 hours of over-boiled vegetables, complaints we live too far away and a painfully detailed description of their brand new cordless vacuum cleaner with two-year warranty.

“Then they’ll top it all off with a grilling about when we’re going to give them grandchildren. It’s going to be shit. I mean, lovely.”

Donna’s mother Carolyn said: “I couldn’t give a toss about grandchildren. I just enjoy seeing them squirm.”