Sunday, 27th September 2020

Couple dating virtually can't keep their hands off themselves

A NEW couple who met online during lockdown are at themselves like rabbits.

Donna Sheridan and Joseph Turner met through Tinder, quickly connected at a deep emotional level over their semi-nude selfies, began dating and very swiftly allowed the relationship to become auto-physical.

Sheridan said: “From our first video call sparks were flying. And when he asked me to flash my tits, well, I just couldn’t say no.

“One thing led to another and it’s been a pretty intense few weeks. I normally take things slow with someone new, but I couldn’t hold myself back from myself this time. I hope he doesn’t think I’m easy.

“We’re at it constantly. Five minutes of video chat and my hands are running over my body, knowing exactly what to do. I don’t think I’ve ever been so satisfied.

“We’ve even talked about opening a third window in the relationship and involving another woman via Zoom, but why ruin it when we’re so happy?”

Turner agreed: “Sometimes I even forget she’s there, it’s like we’re one. Or maybe I’m just having a wank. I’ll have to see how things pan out after lockdown.”