Couple having passive aggressive row by tagging each other on Facebook

A COUPLE are conducting a petty argument by tagging each other in Facebook posts.

Emma Bradford and Tom Logan have embarked on a passive-aggressive battle using articles including ‘If you don’t wash up you are part of the patriarchy’ or ‘do you love the television more than your partner?’.

The couple insist that making their point online rather than talking is the best way to solve all their relationship issues.

Bradford said: “When Tom failed to take the bins out when it was his turn, I could have said, ‘can you take the bins out, it’s your turn?’ but I didn’t.

“Instead, I tagged him in a Guardian piece called ‘men who don’t do the bins when it’s their turn are oppressing women, racist and probably voted Leave’.”

Logan said: “We need to start discussing our problems like adults but first I’ll just tag her in this – ‘People who say they are ‘fine’ but then tag you in a load of shit on Facebook are insane’.”