Sunday, 9th August 2020

Ex worried he's missed the window of maximum vulnerability

AN EX is worried he may have missed his chance to use a global crisis to sneak back into his former partner’s life, he has admitted. 

Ex-boyfriend Tom Logan was hanging back until Emma Bradford’s lowest point ready to strike, but is concerned he has waited too long and her self-esteem may already be rising.

Tom Logan, aged 28, said: “What if Emma’s been able to emotionally move on? That simply cannot happen.

“I need her to be hanging off my every word over text, watching me come online and offline on Whatsapp, on tenterhooks about whether I’m going to text her.

“I was waiting for the perfect moment, but what if I’ve missed it? I’m petrified she might have had enough time now to work on her friendships and hobbies and career, and won’t be desperate enough to let me back.

“Tonight I’m sending a ‘hey how u holding up? x’ text to her to get the ball rolling. Fingers crossed she’s feeling fragile enough to reply.”

“If not? Well, there’s always the second wave in August.”