‘Holding up a fish’ is sexiest thing ever, confirm women

WOMAN have confirmed that they just bloody love a photo of a man holding a fish.

While traits including faithfulness, a good sense of humour and confidence all rated highly, holding up a fish topped them all.

Women’s collective yearning for a man who holds up a big fish he caught at his local lake, or a foreign fish he caught on holiday, has been long suspected.

Woman Helen Archer said: “When I see a man gripping a floppy, half-dead sea creature and mugging at the camera my ovaries just go mental.

“It must be a biological thing.”

Professor Henry Brubaker, of the Institute for Studies, said: “Men have instinctively known for centuries that holding up a fish is the sexiest thing you can possibly do.

“Thankfully, through dating apps and peer-reviewed studies, we now have proof that it really does attract women and doesn’t make you look like a huge bellend at all.”