Monday, 3rd August 2020

'Lockdown brought us closer', says one couple in whole UK

FOR a single married couple in the whole of Britain, enforced time at home together has not been a curse but a blessing. 

While most of the country’s 34 million couples have found new reasons to loathe one another, James and Hannah Bates have been reconnecting and laughing like they have not in years.

Friend Lauren Hewitt said: “I Zoomed her with a funny story about Rob hiding from me in the shed while I was hiding from him in the toilet, because we hate each other, and she was all like ‘Wow James and I are so close now.’

“They wake up together, have meals together, go on little walks. It’s unnatural.

“I mean I knew there must statistically be one couple not Googling ‘divorce’ while staring straight ahead, but that I should know them personally? What are the odds?

“Straight away I got on to my mate Kerry, to tell her about these sick freaks. She was parked up at a reservoir in the rain rather than be at home with her boyfriend.”

James Bates said: “Also, we’ve really been enjoying spending time with the kids.”