Monday, 19th April 2021

Man can't understand why girlfriend's electric toothbrush runs out of charge so much faster than his

A MAN has admitted he is perplexed as to why his girlfriend’s electric toothbrush is always on charge. 

Ryan Whittaker saw partner Sophie Rodriguez’s Oral-B Vitality Plus plugged in again while his still has a week of charge left, even though she brushes her teeth no more frequently than he does, and cannot fathom why or how.

He said: “I presume it’s a manufacturer’s fault. After all, she’d need to be using it for at least 20 minutes every day to run out that quick, and she only brushes her teeth for two.

“I’ve offered to send it back as it must still be under warranty but she’s weirdly defensive about it. In fact she slapped my hand away when I tried to touch it.

“So I suggested she go back to using a non-electric one, but she said that wouldn’t be as satisfying. I guess it’s good she takes her oral hygiene so seriously.”

Rodriguez said: “Ryan’s never exactly been the quickest electric toothbrush in the bathroom.”