Thursday, 29th October 2020

Man choosing underwear for girlfriend based on how much he fancies the models

A MAN is selecting a gift of underwear for his girlfriend based entirely on how fit he finds the women modelling it.

Jordan Gardner has been scouring lingerie websites to find the perfect present for his girlfriend and has narrowed down his search to the three models he would ‘most like to bone’.

Gardner said: “There are some really fun women out there, who seem to spend their days semi-naked and casually lying on sofas or hanging out the washing in their pants.

“I think I’ll choose the model who most reminds me of my girlfriend, if my girlfriend had bigger boobs, longer hair and cooked dinner in a completely impractical corset.”

Gardner’s girlfriend Lauren Hewitt said: “I don’t think he even knows what he’s buying at this stage. He sent me a couple of links to ask my opinion and asked me to choose between ‘the blonde or the brunette’.

“He must have seen every bra and knicker set on the internet. He definitely wasn’t this thorough in his research when he bought me that breadmaker.”