Thursday, 25th February 2021

Observant boyfriend notices girlfriend's hair has 'gone a different colour on top'

A KEEN-EYED boyfriend has spotted that the top of his partner’s hair has, over the last four months, changed to a different colour than the rest of it. 

Joshua Hudson made the observation out loud to girlfriend Lucy Parry, who appeared angry at him both for noticing and for not noticing earlier.

He continued: “Yeah, it’s really weird. It’s gone darker and this kind of dull brown like from the top but going down? Like there’s still blonde bits, but they’re lower than they used to be.

“I wonder if it’s a new style? Now I’ve noticed it I’ve seen other women with it. But why would she choose that colour?

“It doesn’t look great, to be honest. I wish she’d left it alone until the hairdressers reopened, rather than trying out a new look herself during lockdown. I bet it won’t last.”

Parry said: “So first that’s proof he doesn’t listen to anything I say, and second that it takes him around three months to notice any changes in my appearance.

“Good to know.”