Relationship ends as man buys ‘couples photo-shoot’ for girlfriend’s birthday

A 10-MONTH relationship has come to an abrupt end after a man bought his girlfriend a ‘couples photo shoot’ for her birthday.

Sarah Thomson broke the news to Tom Logan after he unveiled £350 gift last night, before wishing him all the best and showing him the door.

Logan said: “I was genuinely surprised because I’d found a photographer with a really classy website.”

Logan’s friend Nathan Muir added: “I feel guilty because when he announced it in the pub last Thursday, I should’ve suggested that he take her somewhere nice for the weekend instead.

“At the very least I should said something along the lines of ‘are you out of your fucking mind?’.”

Thomson said: “For future reference, gentleman of Britain, our relationship will not be better served by a picture of the two of us, under professional lighting with our hair done, posing like a couple of twats.

“Whatever gift you may be considering, the cash equivalent is always preferred.”