Totally unreasonable girlfriend always wanting to do things

A MAN’S domineering girlfriend is always making him do some pointless thing like going to a local festival or trying a new balti place, it has emerged.

Relentless shrew Nikki Hollis is constantly seeking out ‘interesting’ and ‘fun’ activities for her and partner Tom Logan when they could be watching telly and ordering takeaways instead.

Logan said: “Every weekend we’re going to a new restaurant or checking out a new bar. It’s an absolute nightmare.

“Last weekend it was some live music event, where she said we didn’t have to stay long, and if the bands were crap there was a craft beer tent where I could have a few drinks. She just won’t stop thinking of herself.

“It’s stopping me living my life. Last night we had a romantic Italian meal followed by sex when there was an episode of Cop Dogs: Customs Unit I wanted to watch again.

“It’s all about Nikki. She got us tickets for a back-to-back screening of Taxi Driver and Goodfellas on the wild assumption that a 36-year-old man would like that sort of thing.

“Now she’s encouraging me to spend ‘a day at the races’ with ‘all my mates’. I’m just praying this non-stop whirlwind of activity will stop and I can get my life back.”