Woman torn over whether boyfriend's proposal with grandmother's wedding ring is beautiful or tight-fisted

A WOMAN whose boyfriend proposed with his grandmother’s wedding ring is unsure whether it is a heart-warming gesture or plain f**king stingy.

Lauren Hewitt’s delight when Oliver O’Connor got down on one knee swiftly turned into complicated mental gymnastics about his decision to use free, pre-existing jewellery.

She said: “It’s a lovely sentiment, offering me a treasured heirloom, and shows I’m being welcomed into the family. Either that or he is one cheap bastard.

“Do we really need to keep buying more and more material goods when sentimentally powerful options are there? But would it have killed him to blow a couple of grand on something I’ll be wearing for life?

“It’s not William proposing to Kate with a sapphire ring surrounded by diamonds. It’s from the 1950s and frankly looks it. However if I say that I’m a heartless grabbing bitch who only cares about sparkly rocks and money.

“I can see both sides, and either way it seems to be me who’s the twat. Perhaps the best way out is to not marry him.”

O’Connor said: “Lauren’s assumed the ring was passed down after my granny and grandad had spent a lifetime in love. Actually they got divorced after six years and she moved to Benidorm.”

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'No! Not the charitable status of private schools!' say terrified Red Wall voters

RED Wall voters are rallying to the Tories after learning of Labour’s class war plan to strip charitable status from their beloved private schools. 

After being warned of the diabolical, aspiration-punishing plan by their friend the Daily Mail on two consecutive front pages, voters in Hartlepool, Stoke-on-Trent and Bassetlaw have agreed they cannot vote against their own interests.

Stephen Malley, a warehouse picker from Mansfield, said: “I admit I’d considered backing Labour because of inflation, energy bills, the recession and Partygate. But now? No way.

“I’ve always dreamed that one day, if we continue our rise through society, my great-great-great-grandson would one day go to a minor public school. But without 20 per cent VAT relief how would that be possible?

“The rules say as charities they have to generate ‘a meaningful amount of public benefit’. Well that’s Eton to a tee. Without alumni like David Cameron, Boris Johnson and Kwasi Kwarteng where would this country be?

“The Mail’s right to launch this crusade on what really matters. It’s a smack in the teeth for people round here. It’s all Wetherspoons is talking about.”