BMW driver trying to overtake supersonic car

THE Bloodhound rocket car capable of reaching 1,000mph is being tailgated by a man in a BMW 7 series, observers have confirmed. 

Trials of the £45 million Bloodhound in Newquay have been hampered by the BMW driver, who is aggressively flashing his lights and gesturing that it should pull over.

Small business owner and motorist Tom Booker said: “Look at this flash bastard. Oi. Out the fucking way.

“The fins on it. What a joke. Combining a fighter jet, F1 car and space craft? Trying a bit hard, aren’t they? Compensating for something?

“We were all boy racers once but this is 4.4 litres, he’s not going to outrun it. See, he hasn’t even got the balls to put his foot down. All bark no bite.

“I’ll slow down while I’m passing, let him get a look at the alloys. Technically they don’t make me faster, but they should signal to this Bloodhound lad that he’s out of his depth.

“Oh dear. Oh dear oh dear. He hasn’t even got a leather interior. Oh, now I just feel bad.”