Electrician in awe of last electrician’s work

AN electrician has confessed to being absolutely awestruck by the previous electrician’s flawless installation of a bathroom extractor fan.

Wayne Hayes of Wallasey told the householder he was expecting a routine call-out but instead had seen workmanship of such quality it was like looking on the face of God.

He said: “The guy was an artist and a genius. Every time I approach it from a different angle I appreciate it on a whole new level.

“Being asked to replace a burnt-out motor on this is like being asked to touch up the Sistine Chapel’s ceiling. I’m quaking with reverence.

“The sheer elegance of the wiring, the precise yet sensual craft that went into it makes me want to be a better electrician and, indeed, a better man.”

Homeowner Mary Fisher said: “I’m glad he liked it, but he wouldn’t leave until I gave him the number of the last electrician so he can offer to carry his toolbox for him.

“Also I don’t appreciate being invoiced £132 for six hours of ‘gazing in humbled majesty.’.”