Sunday, 9th May 2021

Elon Musk invents tiny spaceship that can fly right up his piss hole

SOUTH African Elon Musk has announced that now he has conquered space he has a new project: a spaceship that can fly right up his penis. 

The billionaire inventor described his own urethra as ‘the final frontier’ and hopes to have the remote-controlled craft ready to go up there by summer 2021.

Pulling a miniscule sheet off the rocket with a pair of tweezers, Musk said: “The mysteries of my penis have been unexplored – until now.

“Project NanoDick is a miniscule spacecraft that will go right up my piss pipe and discover whatever lies beyond. We are truly in a second age of enlightenment.

“The whole thing will be streamed live, so viewers around the world will watch the craft home in on my meatus, pass beyond it and begin a voyage to a world unknown to science. £19.95 per stream.

“We do plan to create one for girls, because they like science too, as soon as the Tesla engineers work out where girls do a wee from.”

Professor Julian Cook said: “We know what’s up there. It isn’t a mystery in any way. Also, how come he’s a billionaire when nobody buys his cars?”