GDPR emails told to chill the f**k out

DESPERATE GDPR emails telling people ‘their time is up’ and ‘they must take action now’ have been told to calm the fuck down.

Gary Booker from London said: “At first I was quite chuffed that these guys really wanted to ‘keep in touch’ with me but then it all got a bit weird.

“I have been told I was going to miss out, my time is running out, I will never be contacted again and that this was my last chance.

“Then they sent a photo of me in the shower this morning.”

He added: “They need to accept that if I want to read their privacy policy wank-fest, I will do it in my own time. But I probably won’t because I don’t actually give a shit.

“It’s like having an annoying girlfriend who keeps texting you with ‘?’ or ‘are you there, hun?’ until you reply.”