Monday, 10th May 2021

Man creates another very strong password he will never remember

A MAN has created a unique password that no hacker, bot or even he himself will ever be able to guess. 

Wayne Hayes, 37, used a complex and unrepeatable combination of words, numbers and punctuation marks to come up with a password for an online trainer shop that he will reset the very next time he needs it.

He said: “I take my cyber-security very seriously. People who use the same passwords again and again are asking to be hacked.

“This one’s the name of my second pet, in a non-recurring pattern of lower and upper-case, followed by three random symbols and my extension number from three jobs ago. The perfect password.”

Online security expert Eleanor Shaw said: “Many people aren’t vigilant enough about their passwords and use the same one for everything, almost as if they want to remember it.

“But as long as you’re creating passwords so complicated you forget them every time, you can rest assured your online accounts are secure.”