Saturday, 8th May 2021

Man relives most terrifying experience of his life after losing phone for 35 seconds

A MAN who could not find his mobile phone for a harrowing less than a minute has described his ordeal for the first time.

Tom Logan’s nightmare began when an innocuous trip to the gym led to his phone going missing, which he described as “the worst thing in my life, or anyone else’s life for that matter”.

Office worker Logan had exercised, showered and was ready to leave when he reached into his left pocket and realised the phone was not there.

He said: “It’s every phone owner’s worst nightmare. My mind was racing. Suppose I never saw it again? To think of my Samsung Galaxy in the hands of strangers turned my stomach.

“That phone is everything to me. Without it, I’m nothing. It’s got all my contacts, my Oyster account. I use it for buying things - what would I do for food?

“I wouldn’t wish temporary phone loss on my worst enemy. I’d have called my wife but I’ve no idea what her number is.”

Luckily, quick-thinking Logan had the presence of mind to check the side-pockets of his sports bag, locating his phone which he had put there for some reason after 35 seconds of hell.

He said: “The relief was indescribable. Now I now appreciate my phone more than ever. It’s the little things. The personal hotspot. The wallet app, which I never even saw the point of before.

“I’ll never let it out of my sight again. That phone is like a phone to me.”