Mum adding insanely long and specific hashtags to every photo

A MOTHER is adding incredibly long and specific hashtags to every photo she posts in the belief it will make them more shareable, she has confirmed. 

Donna Sheridan has this week alone used the hashtags #ourjaydensfirstgoontheslide, #jaydengettingdizzyontheroundabout and #jaydendoingaliptrickonthehalfpipedontreallyknowwhatoneis.

Brother Ken Sheridan said: “They’re meant to be so people can search that hashtag and find more about it. Not the only one of their kind.

“Sometimes they’re so long I have to take a break halfway through deciphering them. And why would we even want strangers to see pictures of Jayden at the park anyway?

“You click on one of them and it takes you to the exact same picture, no other results. What literally is the point.”

Donna said: “It’s hashtags. Everyone uses hashtags these days. It’s the future. They want to get with it.

“Anyway, unfortunately I won’t be able to post as many family photos ongoing as a blue-chip British company has taken me on as their head of social media.”