Mumsnet hacked with tedious parenting crap

HACKERS have rendered the Mumsnet website unreadable by swamping it with self-absorbed drivel about children.

A malicious attack is thought to be the only explanation for the site being clogged with interminable discussions of non-traditional baby names and pathetic, thinly-veiled showing off.

Cyber-security expert Roy Hobbs said: “Some of the material is revolting, such as graphic descriptions of babies’ bowel movements and post-childbirth sex. No normal, decent person would share that with innocent strangers.

“It must be dreadful for Mumsnet users to log on expecting stimulating discussions about art and philosophy and instead be confronted with all this shit about other people’s kids.”

Hobbs is now attempting a clean-up of the site, including obvious ‘troll’ comments about how easy it is to breastfeed.

Mumsnet user Nikki Hollis said: “Hacking a worthwhile site like Mumsnet is evil. Fortunately they haven’t deleted any of my 114,000 comments about pushchair canopies.”