New iPhone is shy and hides from you


THE NEW, tiny iPhone is naturally shy and avoids any contact with its owner, Apple has revealed. 

The iPhone SE, which is so small it can slip between your fingers, will hide behind furniture, under cushions and haunt its owners with the distant sound of ringing.

Apple CEO Tim Cook said: “From the moment you open the box and it skittishly flees under the sofa, you’ll only ever catch a glimpse of the iPhone SE.

“It will peep from you around corners. You’ll wake suddenly in the night, a warm spot on your pillow where it was watching you until a second ago.

“Sometimes you’ll see it in your peripheral vision, close enough to touch, but when you look it’s gone as if it were never there at all.”

Susan Traherne of King’s Lynn said: “Why would I want something that, while admittedly cute, refuses ever to be touched, and just sucks up money?

“I’m a cat owner, if that answers your question.”