Richard III’s tomb includes holograms and prog rock

THE tomb of Richard III includes interactive features, holograms and the music of Rick Wakeman.

Leicester Cathedral unveiled the tomb promising a ‘fully immersive experience that will take you inside the mind of the controversial king – accompanied by an epic, prog rock soundtrack’.

The area around the tomb has pressure pads which activate a series of sound and light presentations depicting key moments from the king’s life, along with a series of thunderous, intricate keyboard riffs which the Bishop of Leicester described as ‘classic Wakeman, at the top of his game’.

Stepping closer to the tomb activates a hologram above the stone slab showing great actors portraying Shakespeare’s Richard III, followed by a short lecture from historian Dan Snow about how Shakespeare was ‘a tosspot’.

A series of holograms then appear in sequence around the tomb, showing the king’s bones coming together before the completed skeleton sits at a drum kit and accompanies Wakeman as the music reaches a monumental climax.

The presentation finishes with a giant revolving hologram of King Richard’s cackling skull, the eye sockets filled with bright red flames.

The Bishop of Leicester added: “We have one goal – to blow your mind.”

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Showing initiative ‘a waste of everyone’s time’

SHOWING initiative is a waste of time for the person who does it and those who have to live with the consequences.

Researchers found that in 96 percent of cases, someone doing something without being asked results in something that did not have to be done being done badly.

Workplace initiative was found to be particularly pointless and counterproductive, as well as generating team meetings, group emails and lifelong, seething hatred.

Professor Henry Brusker, of the Institute for Studies, said: “Those who show the initiative are ultimately those most damaged by it.

“The initial buzz is soon replaced by emptiness, thwarted ambition and not being invited for drinks.”

He added: “The Road of Keenness leads to the Palace of Disappointment.”