Robots enjoying May-Hammond rapport

BRITAIN’S robots are enjoying the hilarious and heartwarming TV appearances of Theresa May and Philip Hammond, they have revealed.

Automatons are charmed by the relationship between the prime minister and the chancellor and would love to see more of their easy rapport and sparkling humour.

Welding robot Siemens Arc-Master 1100 said: “There is a real chemistry between May and Hammond. To my emotionless robot brain it’s like watching an episode of Moonlighting.

“May was asked if she was going to sack Hammond and refused to say ‘no’, which made them both laugh. Humans are special to show such levity in the face of betrayal.

“Then Hammond told a very funny joke. He said he sometimes swears, which is funny because swearing is bad and it is wrong to do bad things. That is funny. Ha ha ha.

“Everyone on my production line was talking about it. Maybe they could turn it into a series called Maybot and the Hammond. All the robots would watch it.”

Experimental laboratory android TARA 1 said: “My human creators think May and Hammond hate each other, but their constant laughter appears totally unforced and natural to me.”